The difference between a Balcony and a Gallery

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August 11, 2016
Jackson Square , Andrew Jackson
August 25, 2016

BALCONY is a narrow platform projecting outwards from the wall of a building. Balconies, unlike galleries, are not supported by posts or columns reaching to the ground. A balcony can be small and boxy or stretch the length of the building.

A GALLERY is wider than a balcony. Most galleries overhang the width of the sidewalk, and are supported by posts or columns reaching to the ground. 

Many times you will see double galleries where each floor is covered much like a porch. Most corner buildings in the French Quarter will have the curved galleries.

Both Galleries and Balconies add to the value of real estate much more than one would think. Its never all about square footage.  Both support an array of hanging baskets and other tropical plants which sets New Orleans apart from any other city. 

How do you value a balcony/gallery in the New Orleans French Quarter Condo.   It is hard to put a number on the balcony but people will definitely pay extra to have one.  They many not use it a lot but its an item that many people want when looking for a home in all price ranges.  You can not build or add balconies/galleries if you do not already have one.  To remain historically correct few changes can be done without approval the the Vieux Carre Commission. This is even to the color of the paint.

French Quarter Balconies/Galleries are valued since there is a shortage of them.  People prefer second and third story units.  They also want a property that has a street view.  They want a home that has more light and larger windows.  The more windows you have on the balcony/gallery the more valuable the balcony/gallery.

The iron work of the railings are like artwork each with its own design.