French Quarter Corners,Unique and Beautiful

Louis Armstrong Park on N. Rampart Street
October 13, 2016
French Quarter Homes and Galleries Decorate for Mardi Gras
February 19, 2017

French Quarter Corners

Homes, Condos and Shops

So “Unique and Historic”

      The French Quarter is known for its historic buildings, galleries,windows, hanging baskets and much more. The buildings on the corners are unique and beautiful. Many are condos on the second and third floors. Many have a business on the first floor while others are liiving areas. 

     The Corner Store is common for the quarter. So many of these great corners have galleries with wrought iron rails and supports. Living on the corner with wrap around galleries are a true historic feature found in very few spots in the USA.

      Often times the galleries look like fern city with all the plants and greenery. Many times they all decorate for the many New Orleans holidays.