Historic Brackets in New Orleans, So Colorful and Carved Designs !

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March 13, 2017
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March 20, 2017

Historic New Orleans Brackets

Bywater and Marigny Homes

Designs and Colors Bloom !


   The late 19th Century introduced brackets on the front of homes. They are now very distinctive and beloved to see. Most were needed for support of porch or overhang. Others used brackets for ornamentil purposes. Influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement. Many were made locally and many were mail ordered from a mill that specializeed in brackets. 

     At the end of the 20th century brackets became like work of arts with so many colors that really began to show off the designs. Now it looks like Artwork on the home. At his time the trim, windows, shutters were all brought into the world of colorful designs. This historic barckets do not exist in many places in the world.

    Take a look at the brackets I have seen in the Bywater and Marigny Homes. These are just a sample of the thousands of colorful designs. It is like the homes are smiling at you when you walk by. Eric