St. Patricks Day at Tracys on Magazine, New Orleans Holidays

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March 18, 2017
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March 24, 2017

Every year St. Patrick’s Day in the New Orleans Irish Channel is celebrated on Third St. between Magazine and Constance streets.  Tracey’s and Parasol’s are the highlight of the party. They celebrate with a huge block party with entertainment, food, drinks and games.  All in Green. Green shirts, green glasses, green socks, green beads, green hair and any thing else left to the imagination.


 You’ll find the entire block packed with people coming out of these tiny neighborhood bars.   Food and drinks are plentiful.  A great deal of locals show their Irish by dressing in kilts, dancing Irish gigs, playing games with their green beer.  


 Since 1952, Parasol’s has been ground zero for St. Patrick”s  Day in New Orleans.   Tracey’s was the original Irish  Channel bar established in the 1949.  Together they make one the best block parties in the city of New Orleans for St Patrick’s day.