Statues in and around the French Quarter, Lots of History

Oyster Fest, June 2017 Waldenberg Park on Mississippi River Front
June 7, 2017
Country Club Restaurant & Bar in Bywater, 634 Louisia Street…Wow!
June 20, 2017

Landmarks of Historical Events

New Orleans French Quarter History

    Always great to see historical statues in an historic area of New Orleans. Gives you the idea of how long the French Quarter has been around. Most have to do with local people or people who made histroy. So fun to walk the area and then check out the history behind all these statues.

Statue of the Immigrants at Woldenberg Park

       Along the Mississippi River along Woldenburg Park you can see this statue.  This serves as a monument to New Orleans’ Italian immigrants.  On St Joseph day March 19, 1995  this statue was unveiled.  Without money and without  knowing the language these immigrants came to New Orleans to start a new life.  Their dedication and their drive helped developed New Orleans in the early 1900.  

Musicians at Armstrong Park

Andrew Jackson at Jackson Square

Andrew Jackson, The Most Photographed Statue in New Orleans

      In the center of Jackson Square stands a equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson erected in 1856.  Andrew Jackson was a hero of the Battle of New Orleans and our 7th President.   This statue is one of four identical statues in the U.S. by sculptor Clark Mills.

Joan Of Arc Statue on Decatur Street

     The sculpture of Joan of Arc was “a gift of the people of France to the citizens of New Orleans” in 1972.  This statue was originally located in front of the International Trade Mart building but it was moved in 1999 to its present location of the ‘Place De France” on Decatur Street.  Joan of Arc was know as “Maid of Orleans”. 

Look and Listen, Woldenberg Park

     The statue honors the individual who made Woldenberg Riverfront Park possible.  His name was philanthropist  Malcom Woldenberg.  In the late 1980 and early 1990’s this land that was once occupied by old wharves and warehouses along the Mississippi Rive was transformed into one of New Orleans pedestrian walkway and wonderful views of the Mississippi River.