Country Club Restaurant & Bar in Bywater, 634 Louisia Street…Wow!

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June 17, 2017
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June 25, 2017

Country Club Restaurant and Bar

Outdoor Pool and Bar

Bywater Neighborhood of New Orleans

     The Country Club is located in the middle of the Byater neighborhood. It is an old historic home that has been converted into a very unique place to eat and drink. There is nothing like this in New Orleans, it is one of a kind. Great food and atmosphere. Add in the pool and courtyard to make it even more unique and popular.


Hidden away in New Orleans’ charming Bywater neighborhood, The Country Club offers a unique way of living.  Enjoy dining, drink and relaxation at this one of a kind establishment.

Enjoy eating or drinking on the outside porch.

You can also enjoy a inside dining experience.

You can come day or night to swim in the beautiful pool area.

 Its beautifully renovated restaurant and bar delivers great food and drink/beer in sophisticated and historic surroundings.