Creole Cottages on Burgundy Street,French Quarter

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June 25, 2017
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July 15, 2017

Creole Cottages

Historic French Quarter Homes

Burgundy Street, New Orleans

      Burgundy Street runs from Canal Street through the French Quarter to Esplanade Avenue and beyond. All the way to Poland Avenue through the Marigny and Bywater. This area of the French Quarter has always been home to many residential neighbohoods. This neighborhood is full of Creole Cottages.

      The Creole Cottages were the common homes built during the Frech Colonial says. The time period was 17 90-1840. The one and 1/2 story homes had four rooms down and one or bedrooms up. In New Olreans they were built on the street with no porches.

      In today’s world some have been converted inot single homes, some are doubles and many in the French Quarter have been converted into condos. They all have that historic feel and look many years later.