The Joint is “Always Smokin” at 701 Mazant in the Bywater

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July 22, 2017
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August 5, 2017

The Joint in the Byater Neighborhood

Mazant and Royal Street

One of the Best Bar B Que Restaurants

Located in the Bywater area is one of the best Bar B Que restaurants in the New Orleans area.  Located at 701 Mazant  blocks away from Crescent Park.  The  Smoker has been blackened by smoke,  but is in fact the heart and soul of what has been the city’s best barbecue restaurant.   When the restaurant moved from its previous location the smoker was given its own second line.

The out door colorful patio chairs line up the front of the restaurant.   You can sit and rock while waiting for your table.

Causal dress is accepted here at the Joint.

The art is all local.  It brings you back in time. The colorful decor makes this  fun and mesmerizing.

A fully stocked bar and drinks on tap located in the restaurant area.

                                    The outside patio lets you enjoy the aroma of the smoker.   

 Old pictures from Pontchartrain beach hang on the walls.