Red Dress Run in New Orleans Marigny to French Quarter, Charity Run

Deepwater Horizon Memorial on Elysian Fields Nuetral Ground
August 11, 2017
Joan of Arc Statue, Maid of Orleans
August 24, 2017

The Red Dress Run 2017

Annual Race through French Quarter

        The 2017 Red Dress Run started at Crescent Park in the Marigny. It started at 9am for food and drink before the race began at 11am and ran down Esplanade into the French Quarter and back to the Marigny. The race covers 3-4 miles. Music before and after the race…. 

       These annual fun runs and walks bring thousands of people to the New Orleans Marigny-French Quarter every year to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Thousands of People come to run and thousands come to watch. It is an all day affair for many.  

How it started.

    On August 7, 1987, a young lady wearing a red dress landed in southern California to visit a friend from her high school.  She went  to Long Beach, where her friend introduce her to a zany running group called the “Hash House Harriers.” One member, noting her gender and attire, urged that she “just wait in the truck” until her host returned. With that goading, she ran into history sporting her red dress and heels.

     The following year the San Diego Hash House Harriers sent “The Lady In Red” an airline ticket to attend the inaugural Red Dress Run. Hundreds of male and female dressed in red dresses for a spectacle widely covered by California newspapers and TV news. In addressing the crowd, The Lady In Red suggested that Hash House Harriers hold the Red Dress Run annually as an occasion be used to raise funds for local charities.


    The Race started and finished at Crescent Park    It now starts at Crescent Park and runs through the Quarter and finish back at Crescent Park.Lots of Red and Artistic Ideas

       Many cities have the Red Dress Run but New Orleans has one of the largest attendance.  Outlandish costumes, live music and a whole lot of alcohol, and you get one of the most uniquely New Orleans 5k(ish) events and experience around.The Pirates at the Red Dress PartyRed Shoes and Red Hats were a Common Red Sight      The money that it collects goes to over 100 Charities in the local area. Great way to give and have fun.