Creole Townhomes in New Orleans French Quarter

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August 27, 2017
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September 3, 2017

Creole Townhomes

New Orleans French Quarter

     In the late 18th century around 1788 and 1796 when two great fires occured in the City of New Orleans and burnt many buildings. The  brick and stucco townhomes became common after the fires until about the 1850’s. 

     The Creole townhomes had  acardes, cast iron balconies, steep pitched roofs.There were guest quarters in the rear of the buildings. Over time stores opened on the first floor while people lived on the second and third floors. The Townhomes had courtyards in the rear. 

      The Spanish Style homes took center stage during this period.  Many plantation owners had townhomes as a winter home once the crops were taken in for the Fall season. Owners came to town to enjoy the off season in New Orleans.




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