The Pontalba Apartments at Jackson Square, French Quarter NOLA

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September 3, 2017
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September 13, 2017

The Pontalba Apartments

New Orleans French Quarter

1848-1851 Real Estate Investment

      The four story apartments were built around the Plaza D Arms in the later 1840’s by Baroness Micaela Pontalba as a real estate investment at a cost of $300,000 dollars. The Parisian style townhomes were used as rentals. Jackson Square was named in 1857 after the townhomes were completed. James Gallier was the designer. 

     You had retail on the first floor.  In the 1930’s the developement has converted into many apartments form townhomes. The Lower Pontalba is the down river side of Jackson Square on Rue St. Ann. The Upper Pontalba is on the Upriver side of Jackson Square on Rue St. Peter. 

    The Lower Pontable is now owned by the Louisiana State Museum while the Upper Pontalba is owned by the City of New Orleans. The Upper Pontalba was once 16 townhomes but is now 50 apartments. The apartments were one of the most historic rentals in the State of Louisiana.