Walking Down Barracks Street in French Quarter, The Tuesday Real Estate Tour….

French Quarter Luxury Rental, 2/2 Fully Furnished, 526 Madison
November 9, 2017
French Quarter Condos, Courtyards Views and Galleries, Add Value
November 22, 2017

Barracks Street Walk

The Tuesday Brokers Real Estate Tour

“Exposure of Your Property”

       Each Tuesday real estate agents hold their new listings open for agents to view for themselves and their future or present clients. A Great way to get educated as to what is on the market. Seeing the condos and homes in person is a great learning experience. The Barracks walk had several places open for sale to look at. It is a lot of fun to take the walk and have free snacks and drinks while you view the properties.

       This is great exposure for Sellers Property as agents from all offices come on tour. The agents that do not come can ask other agents in their office for details and positive features on the properties that they saw. The best time to hold it open is in the first two weeks that your home or condo is listed. We get lenders and title people to help us with food and snacks. Some times you need several people at the property to let people in the front door. Letting the agents into the condo complex is the reason for several agents to help.

      Handing out flyers to agents so they can take the info with them and back to their office is also help in getting the exposure that is needed. That helps agents and their clients remembering your unit. I take flyers and put them on my daily clipboard so I can send them to potential buyers if the place meets their criteria. 

       I like to meet other agents that I have done business with over the last 20 years and this a great way to remember when. You see them on tour and you talk about the market and what you have listed and what they need help on. Full time agents go on several tours each week. Having 50% buyers and 50% sellers the brokers tour is a big plus for exposure and learning the market…..Experience Matters $$$$$