Royal Street Historic Corners in French Quarter

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November 22, 2017
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December 1, 2017

Walking Down Royal Street

Historic Royal Street Corners

Colorful and Pretty

      A walk down Royal Street in New Orleans is always a colorful walk with various stores, hanging plants, balconies and beautiful corners. Every time you take the walk you will see different things that stand out. I have walked it at least 100 times and noticve different things each time I take the walk. 

     This makes it a great walk for locals and people who own condos as a second home. The condos near Royal Street are generally worth more due to the great location. Each walk will get you to view different windows and decorations on the buildings.

      The seasons change the looks as do the many holidays and fests that New Orleans has. Something different going on each month. Most of the photos I took on this walk were of the various corners that make up Royal Street.