Christmas Jingle Parade, Colorful and Fun ! Great visit for second home owners and families!

Bywater Crescent Park Walk, November Walk Still Colorful
December 1, 2017
Christmas in the French Quarter
December 12, 2017

Christmas Jingle Parade 

December 2, 2017

Great Holiday for Second Home Owners

Starting the New Orleans Holidays

      Another great parade for second homers and their families. It started on Howard Avenue and made it way down to Canal Street. It is an easy walk to feel and see the parade if you live in the Warehouse District or French Quarter. Living a little further away just take the streetcar. Almost every other weekend there is something worth enjoying in New Orleans. This makes it a great place to visit and bring friends and family to town. Park your car and it is an easy walk or streetcar ride to all the events.

      It was a very colorful parade with bands, dancers, floats, and decorated cars. They threw a lot of candy and beads. Gave all the candy I caught away to young kids standing nearby. Got about 25 pairs of beads. Watched the parade as it started at Lee Circle a couple of blocks away from a new listing I am getting at the 1205 St. Charles Avenue Condos. Thought about how great a location the  condos are by being on the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar line and a short walk to the World Ware II Museum.

      As a second home owner you can come to all the fests and holidays with your kids and family members or let your friends enjoy the time in New Orleans. Most of my recent sales for second home condos have been to people that do not live that far away from New Orleans. Many of the others have family or friends in New Orleans and they can borrow the condo when they do not come down.