French Quarter Condo Showing and a Christmas Walk ! Lots to See!

Christmas in the French Quarter
December 12, 2017
Exposure on TV and U-tube for your Condo For Sale, Gives your Condo Exposure !
December 27, 2017

Showing Condos Today in French Quarter

Took a  Colorful Neighborhood Walk

     ”  1015 Burgundy Condo, French Quarter”

           Today I was showing a French Quarter Condo Listiing that I have on Burgundy. After showing to another agent and her client, I showed it to a neighbor and her friend. Always great to get more exposure so they can tell theior friends about it.

              After the showing I decided to talk a walk in the French Quarter to see the Christmas decorations that homes, balconies and windows have. I did see a lot and want to share the walk with you. I did run into a person who may want a second home in the Quarter as they come in from Alabama several time a year to enjoy what the New Orleans French Quarter has to offer. 

               Right after that I ran into a friend of mind who was also looking at the colorful decorations. She suggest that I step inside several hotels and museums. Got some more great photos inside as we walked and talked about real estate and all the historical things the French Quarter has to offer.

               We talked about how many times a year a second home owner can come and enjoy all the Fests and Holidays has to offer for those families that own a condo as a second home. We even talked about how many things the Warehouse District across  Canal Street also has to offer for the holidays. It is a short and very interesting walk….



Window Shopping is Very Colorful