Exposure on TV and U-tube for your Condo For Sale, Gives your Condo Exposure !

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December 17, 2017
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Exposure in Selling Your Condo

The Gardner TV Show and Open Houses

“Exposure” Works  in Selling

         The Gardner Realtors TV show is on Sunday every other week on WWL TV in the morning. Having your condo on the show and having an open house on the the same days helps with getting more exposure. The TV show means more people will come to the open house. Making flyers for the condo and handing them out to people also helps at an open house. We can put it in the paper and on the Gardner Website that the condo is open.

        Having other people in the building see the condo also helps. They can view the condo and take a flyer to give to one of their friends or family members. I am one of the few agents that likes to do open house in condo complexes. I have another agent to help me most of the time. One will stay at the front gate as one of us shows the unit. 

        This is one of the methods I use in selling properties that I list. I have sold several condos from people coming to the condo to view on open houses. They have an agent and they tell them they found a place that they want to buy. I am able to answer all their questions that they have. Having the listing agent at the property helps in getting the property sold.



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Flyers and Signs Help Exposure

Flyers Help People Remember what they Saw

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