Gardner TV Helps Sell Real Estate, More Exposure !

St. Philip Street in French Quarter, Historic Homes
March 7, 2018
Jackson Square Art in the French Quarter, So Very Colorful
March 27, 2018


The Gardner Real Estate TV Show

More Exposure on Your Listing

Every Other Sunday at 10:30 on WWL Channel 4

821 Congress in Bywater Neighborhood of  New Orleans


      Had 16-18 couples come to this Open House when I ran the house on the TV show Sunday morning before the Open House. You get extra people with the exposure. So much better than the paper and just putting up the Open House signs. I am sold on this fact and will put all my listings on the TV show. It also lets you post the ad on Facebook and Social Media accounts. I normally do an Open House when it is on TV to get all the extra buyers to come see. By doing the open house an agent can give you feedback on what potential buyers think about the property. Many times friends and relatives of potential buyers come see the home or condo.

Property Flyers 

Details and Photos

    Having flyers for the property helps Big Time. It gives the visitors a lot of data about the property. Many take them and hand them to friends and family members. Its another way to help with exposures. I like to put flyer boxes by the sign so people driving and walking by the home can see the details. People keep the flyers so they can think about the property.