Jackson Square Art in the French Quarter, So Very Colorful

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March 16, 2018
Great Second Home in New Orleans Warehouse District, Easy Walk to French Quarter
April 11, 2018

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Colorful Art is Very Common

Spring Time, Many Tourist in Town…


        People who own a French Quarter Condo as a second home can always walk around Jackson Square to see a lot of colorful art work. The art changes every couple of weeks. The vendors love the great weather and visits by so many tourists. Just one of the many ways to enjoy a morning or afternoon walk in the French Quarter. This is one of the many walks that people who own second homes can enjoy. No need to use a car as it is also an easy walk to the streetcar line. 

       I also enjoy taking a photo walk and looking at colorful art when the weather is great. Always see a lot of local artist and ones from nearby towns. Most of the artowrk is about local art scenes with historic homes and Local Music…