Colorful Bywater Art on Homes,Fences and Retails Outlets

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May 6, 2018
Crescent Park in the Bywater, Helping the Real Estate Market Trend Upward
May 26, 2018

Colorful Art Work on Real Estate

Bywater Neighborhood of New Orleans

Homes, Fences and Businesses

         The Art on all the things in the Bywater Neighborhood is unique to New Orleans and the State of Louoisiana. There are numberous homes, fences, sheds, and retail outlets that are very colorful. This makes the Bywater one of the most colorful neighborhoods in the United States.

         The neighborhood is becoming more popular due to all the creative residents. Real Estate Homes and condos are doing well due to the colorful neighborhood. The area is between St. Claude Avenue and the Mississippi River. 

         Always a great place for me to take a photo walk. Going to the weekly brokers open to homes in the Bywater lets you see some unique and fantistic work done in some of the homes. Rare to see some of the unique features any where elase in town.