Brokers Open House Tour, Each Tuesday Bywater, Marigny, and French Quarter

Showing the Neighborhood Helps Sell Your Property, Warehouse Condos
May 31, 2018
1224 St. Charles Avenue #314, Great Second Home
June 13, 2018

Brokers Open Houses Each Tuesday

Agents Visit Homes and Condos to See New Listings

Knowing what is for Sale Helps Agents and Buyers

       Each Tuesday from 11 am to 2 pm agents hold new listings open for all other agents and their clients. It is great to know what is on the market for your buyers and your sellers. If you have a listing it is good to see the competitive homes and condos. If you have a buyer you can talk to them about the new listing when it meets their criteria.

     I tour all areas of town to check things out. You also get some great snacks and food provided by various vendors like Title Companies, Loan Officers and the agents themselves. This past week I stopped at my listing at 821 Congress in the Bywater to check out the flyer box. Went to all homes that would compete wiuth this one and others that I wanted to see.

     You get to see the inside and the backyard. Meeting the listing agents you can ask questions about their listing. It makes you know and learn more about the market and the neighborhoods. I like see new listings and historic homes in the neighborhood.

     Going on this tour every other week makes you more and more knowledgable about the prices,quality and number of places for sale. This helps you with your buyers and your sellers. Not all agents do this as often as we do.


My Listing at 821 Congress in Bywater Neighborhood

Another Gardner Listing with an Agent I know.

Agents get visitors to sign in so they can tell sellers about the tour.

Seeing inside and the floor plan plus quality is a nice deal.

Snacks and Drinks from the lender that helps agents.

Knowing and Seeing Historic Homes in the Neighborhood means Knowledge