French Quarter Condos, How to Value Yours?

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June 25, 2018
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July 4, 2018

French Quarter Condos

How to Establish a Value

       The value is always on much much more than the size of the condo. The same can be said about all the Condos in the Bywater and Marigny as well. If you are a buyer you need to think about many of these things as once day you may want to sell your unit.

      As a seller you need to compare with units that tend to match your unit and add to the price if you have a lot of positives. Compare like units that have sold in the last 2 years, Compare to like units that are currently on the market. 

  1. The location with the neighborhood means something.

  2. The views of the condo and natural light are positives

  3. Having a balcony and terrace is a big vlaue

  4. Parking is a very big value as few condos have parking.

  5. Ceiling Heights make the condo feel and look larger…

  6. Recent Updates and Historic Feel means a lot

  7. Being all on one level is a big plus.

  8. The Common area means a lot to many buyers

  9. Open Floor Plans are Positive

  10. Wood Floors are alway the best

  11. The Positive aspects of the condo association mean a lot

  12. Is the Condo building in great shape and has no assessments.

  13. Having a second Bedroom means much, All on one level is best….

  14. Moderate Condo Fees mean an easier sale….