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Crescent Park in Marigny & Bywater along the Mississippi River, Great Colors and Views
May 24, 2019
Esplanade Avenue, Homes and Condos in French Quarter and Marigny
May 31, 2019

Best Way to Start Your NOLA Condo Search

Experienced & Successful Agents

Knowing all Neighborhoods

Know Most all Condo Complexes

Knowing Best Vendors is Great!


       Starting your New Orleans Condo search with experienced agents is a big plus. We know the trends and values. We know almost all the complexes and Neighborhoods in New Olreans. Many buyers beging to look in a variety of neighborhoods once we know their desires and criterias. Having sold about 300 condos gives us experience to help you buy the best condo.

       Once we know your price range, bedrooms, possible areas, amenties we can narrow the selection down to the five best to show you and your family. We can set you up on a watch list that will email you new listing, sales, condos under contract so you can become aware of the choices. We can answer any questions you may have as we get a copy of the watchlist. Once time passes we can narrow the search if buyers know more of what they are looking for.

       Knowing the condo associations gives us an experience to know the values and trends in the present market. Many of our buyers who bought for students and medical students have never lot any money when they are sold. We also know what condos are great for second homers and how the management company is like. 

       Knowing  the neighborhoods is also very great. We know where you can walk and what you can enjoy. Knowing the Trends on prices helps you the buyer make good deals. Things do change over time and that makes the trends move up in price. That is why we blog about the neighborhoods that feature the most condos and neighborhood condos. 

      The watchlist will also send you the sales and their prices so we can see the trends and new listing come on the emails. We can answer your questions via calls or emails on the new listings that come on line. We can easily show you the best 4-5 once we know your desires, sizes, prices, after watching the list. We can also take you to the neighborhoods to show you what is there and why people like it.  



Your New Orleans Condo Search