No Condos will allow short term rentals in Metro New Orleans

Condo #115 at 3201 St. Charles Avenue,Fully Furnished and Recently Updated, First Floor with Parking and Storage
November 18, 2019
1205 St. Charles Avenue Condo
1205 St. Charles Avenue #203 Condo, 2 Bedrooms,Street Views w/ Parking, Great Amenties
January 28, 2020

No Short Term Rentals Allowed in Condos

         The condo documents say no short term rentals. The City of New Orleans also says no short term rentals. The condo docs let people rent 3 months for a few, 6 months for most, one year for the most expensive complexes. This is what residents wanted years ago. This makes things easier to live within and is cheaper insurance for owners. Short Term rentals were never desired by owners when most were built and converted into condos

             Owners can let friends, family members, and relatives stay in their units with no pays. This is common and great for second homers to have visitors and other people stay in their units. Most owners let relatives visit the condo. The friends an relatives like places that have enjoyable common areas andf great pl;aces to walk.

           Many buyers ask about this fact. Many condos are easy to rent but will depend on what the condo documents say. The City and areas also say no short term rentals for this kind of real estate.