Mardi Gras Homes Decorated in Uptown New Orleans

1629 Coliseum Street Condo
Condos on Coliseum Street near Coliseum Square Park in Lower Garden District, New Orleans
September 30, 2020

Uptown Homes Decorated

Mardi Gras Decorated

No Mardi Gras Parades 2021

     There will be no parades this Mardi Gras because of the virus. In New Olreans Uptown you see a lot of decorated homes like these below. I walked and drove the neighborhood and saw about 10 great homes decorated. It is totally the first time I have ever seen these kind of decorations.

   Home on St. Charles Avenue

 This home on St. Charles and Rosa Park Avenue is one of the largest and most beautiful home. There are also some small homes that have a lot of decorations. Those are at the bottom..