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Bywater Real Estate

Between St. Claude & Mississippi River

Homes and Condos

        The Bywater Neighborhood Has more doubles than almost any other neighborhood  in New Orleans. Most of the doubles do not have front yards or parking. A Lot of the doubles have been converted into singles since the 1990’s. 

Side Hall Cottage, Single Bywater Home Bywater Double with Porch and FountainRare Large Bywater Home with Yard near Poland Avenue on Royal StreetSo colorful with matching furniture, shutters and windows Colorful Bywater Double turned inot a single home Like a work of art with plants,shutters,doors, brackets, windows and colors!

Bracket Art with matching frames and windows. Bywater Home, Sidehall Cottage, So Colorful Home

The Saxony Condos in the Bywater Neighborhood

Crescent View Lofts in BywaterCrescent View Condos at Chartes and Gallier Streets