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     French Quarter Homes

     The New Orleans French Quarter has a large variety of homes that vary in style and size. Much of the variety has to do with the time that the homes were built and what they were used for. There was a large fire in the French Quarter in 1788 that burned a lot of homes. Over time the designs changed as new homes and double were built as time moved forward. You can really see the differnce as you get closer to Esplanade Avenue walking from Canal Street.

Creole Cottages – 1790-1850. Single story homes with steeply pitched roofs that were built on the street with no front yards. 

Creole Town Homes – 1790-1850. Three story homes. The third story is usually a living attic where the bedrooms were located. Many times the first floor was a separate unit for business or a guest house. It was very common to have an out building and courtyard behind the main sturcture.

American Townhouse-1830’s. Different interior layout. The side hall plan.

Double Gallery Homes-With Galleries and lots of windows. Fewer of these in the French Quarter.

Shotgun doubles and singles are very common as you near Esplanade Ave. in the rear of the Quarter. This was a more residential area than other areas of the French Quarter. 

French Quarter Homes

French Quarter Homes

French Quarter Streets,Homes and Condos

Doubles and Creole Town Homes 

Out Building for Guest in rear of Town Homes

French Quarter Doubles                                            Row of Doubles on Bourbon Street French Quarter Homes

Creole Townhomes with Galleries

Double Gallery Home, Now a Hotel

Victorian Home, Now the Cornstalk Hotel

Creole Homes in French Quarter

Creole Cottages in French Quarter

HOmes in French Quarter of New Orleans