Selling your Property,Pricing & Getting it Ready to Sell

Getting Your Property Ready to Sell

Pricing Your Real Estate Property

“Pricing Correctly is Important”


“Clean and Shine, Small Repairs”

       Painting and Cleaning is the best thing to do along with small cosmetic repairs. Spending several hundred dollars will make you thousand more and the unit will sell quicker. We can make the list that people have questions about. We have a repair person and a professional cleaner to make the place Smile and Shine. Making it look great is a Big Winner for viewers on line and buyers that will look at your place.

“List of Recent Improvements”

     As a seller you always need to list recent improvements to give your home or condo a positive feel. Letting the buyer know the updates will help you versus the competition. Best to let buyers know how much was spent recently. We can then make a flyer letting people know your condo is very competitively priced. Buyers like updates. Very helpful to let buyers know what was spent on each update.Round numbers fine.

New Olreans Condos, A List of Updates

“The Condo Association Papers”

             Always helps to have copies of condo docs, rules and regulations, and this years budget. Buyers ask many questions and the answers are easy to find in these documents. Legally the buyers will need these once an offer is made. We believe in being upfront with all the information. Buyers want to know about pets and renting the place. These are the most common questions.

               The Condo Budget shows the buyers in detail what the condo association fees cover and how much is in reserves. Lenders want to see 10% of the budget in reserves. One thing we do is to have the condo association approved with a local lender after we list the condo.


“Marketing Your Home or Condo”