The Bywater Neighborhood of New Orleans

 The Bywater Neighborhood of New Orleans

Historic and Colorful Bywater Homes

     The Bywater Neighborhood runs along the Mississippi River From the railroad tracks on Press Street to the Industrial Canal. The St. Claude Avenue to the Mississippi River is the other boundary. When I was in high school the area was known as the Upper Ninth Ward. The local telephone exchange was known as Bwater and was changed to the Bywater.

       The area has become to be a home for many artistic people. Its an easy bike ride, walk or jog to the French Quarter. The area is an historic district so home have to match the historic neighborhood. The new ones and those that have been remodeled are required to be historic in design to fit the neighborhood.

    At one time the area was home to people that worked in industries and wharfs along the Mississippi River. The Colorful homes began to bloom in the year 2000. In the old days the colors were white and dark green shutters. Now the Bywater is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in New Orleans.  

     There are more doubles in the Bywater than almost any other New Orleans Neighborhoods. There are more corner stores, eats and bars than any other neighborhood. Its a great neighborhood to bike,walk and jog to your local destination. There are not may large buildings as it was a more residential neighborhood once you left the industrial complexes on the Mississippi River.

Crescent Park in Bywater on the Mississippi River” Click….

 View Of Downtown New Orleans from Crescent ParkBywater homes and Doubles

Historic Details of the Bywater Neighborhood, Colorful BracketsBywater doubles in New Orleans

Most Colorful Doubles is New OrleansBywater Homes and Doubles

 The Neighborhood of So Many Doubles, Leads the City in DoublesNew Orleans Homes in the Bywater

Bywater Bars and corners

Country Club in Bywater

 Neighborhood Eats and Drinks, Bywater CornersBywater Historic ChurchesHistoric Churches in BywaterWorld War I Monument on Burgundy Street

Historic Markers , World War I MonumentBywater Doubles,The most common design

The Most Common Design of Bywater DoublesHistoric New Homes in the Bywater

Historic Look of New Homes in an Historic Neighborhood

Artistic Decorations on Royal Street HomeIndustrial Building in the Bywater lined the Mississippi RiverIndustrial Building & Wharfs once dominated along the Miss. RiverSmall Bywater Home