French Market Shopping in French Quarter, Open Air Colorful Shops

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May 26, 2017
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June 5, 2017

The French Market

New Orleans French Quarter

Open Air Shopping

         The French Market opened in 1791. The present buildings date back to 1813. Most of the udates and repairs were done in the 1930’s by the Works Progress Adminstration. At one time it was a meat market. When I was growing up it was a farmers market with lots of produce. Now it is a large variety of tables.

          The French Market runs from Jackson Square to the U.S. Mint. Easy walk to see a large variety of local things for sale. You can eat and drink while you shop. Lots of colorful things to buy and look at. A lot of lookers and buyers on weekends. 

           If you live in the area it is always a colorful place to visit. At the end of the day all the vendors have to pack up their wares and close down. Then put everything out again the next day. Another great place in New Orleans to visit multiple times during the year.

New Oreans French Market