2512 Magazine Street Condos, Always Great to View/Photo and Talk about the Neighborhood

New Saxony Condos in Bywater Neighborhood in New Orleans, Super Nice New Construction
April 10, 2020
Great Saint Charles Garden Condo Complex, 3915 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, La. 70115
May 22, 2020

2512 Magazine Street Condo #G

Reduced to $234,512

Historic Home Conversion into Condos

New Orleans Garden District

Always great to Photo the Neighborhood

       The 2512 Condos have 8 units in the historic building between 2nd and Third Streets in the Garden District. It is an easy walk to Jackson Avenue and lots of places to shop, eat and drink. There are many very expensive homes in the area. There are also about 8 condo association near this 2512. The area is residential for several blocks from Second Street to Jackson Avenue.

      It is always nice let potential buyers know about the neighborhood and what is around the complex. It is a great area to walk around and ride your bike. I have sold about 6 condos to students and Medical students in this 4 block area. The parents who bought the condos for their kids liked the area. Very safe and easy to get to the schools via St. Charles Ave. and Tchoupitoulas.

         Several of the buyers have kept their units as second homes after their kids have finished school. Several got married and several have jobs elsewhere. But they and their family like to come back and visit the area.  



This is 2512 Magazine Street Condos

Parking on either side of the association 

The Neighborhood Where Condo 2512 Magazine Is!

         This is the edge of the Garden District. Many great homes that are worth millions are close by. All the units have parking and street parking is easy for guests and friends. It is an easy walk to many really nice places to Eat. You do see tourist walking the area to view the homes and the shops down the street. I eat at Tracy’s on Magazine and Third Street almost every other month for the past 8-10 years. You do not see many units for sale in the last two years like we saw about 10 years ago.

Historic Garden District Home on Magazine Street, Across

Half a Block away to Third Street