French Quarter Condos, Common Areas Increase Values

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March 25, 2017
Hanging Baskets and Balconies in the French Quarter
April 4, 2017

French Quarter Condo Values

      Most French Quarter  condos are not large.  But what they lack in size they make up in charm.  Studio and one bedrooms are still affordable.  If you have a balcony your value is higher.  Parking will increase your Condo’s value.  A Big increase in value up to 40k easily. The balconies and parking are not included in square footage price.

     Most French Quarter Condos are used as second home.  Walk to your favorite restaurant or gallery.  Enjoy  being in the heart of the City. Buyers like to open the door to a balcony or courtyard. Great to sit and enjoy the outside inside the complex. Have a beer or wine with local snacks.

                                                  Location , Condition and Size

         Where to live in the French Quarter is a Buyer’s preference.  Some people want to live on Bourbon or Royal St where all the action stays.  Some will want to live closer to Canal St for work reasons.  Others may want to live Closer to Esplanade for a more quieter life style.  Where ever you choose to live you are still within working distance to all of the attractions that the Quarter offers.

     Most of the condos are apartments that have renovated to sell as condos.  The condition of most condos will be in very good condition.   Most will still have a brick wall accent.  Some will have a balcony that may lead out to the main street or over look the courtyard. 

     Most condos will be small.  Some will be as small as 250 sq ft of living. But most of your one bedroom/studio condos will run between 500-900 sq ft.  Your 2 bedrooms can start at 900 sq ft.  

Increase with Nice Common Areas

     Elevators and parking always will give value the French Quarter Condos.   But since most can not give these amenities balcony and courtyards are popular in selling a French Quarter Condo.  Some courtyards can provide a pool.  Others have ponds or fountains.  They usually all have beautiful  landscaping in these areas.  

     If you do have a condo with an elevator it usually brings top dollar to the building.  Parking will also add value to a condos worth.  Most parking will not be part of the condo association.   It generally will be public parking or contract hotel parking that you can easily walk to.