Hanging Baskets and Balconies in the French Quarter

French Quarter Condos, Common Areas Increase Values
March 30, 2017
French Quarter Fest, Benny Grunch at Jackson Square
April 9, 2017

Love the Balconies and Galleries 

Love the Hanging Plants

        The balconies and Galleries in the French Quarter are very hard to duplicate any where else in the world. These owners are often condo associations that plant and hang ferns and other plants on the balconies.

          The Galleries have more plants as they have support from the ground and may have several levels in which to show off the hanging plants. The City of New Orleans should give all these owners a discount on their taxes for making the area so vibrant and colorful.

Hanging Plants in French Quarter

Chartres Condos in New Orleans

Hanging Baskets on Barracks Street, New Orleans

Balconies and Gallery in New Orleans French Quarter Condos

Balconies and Angels FQ

Angles and Ferns on Royal Street