French Quarter, Walk Royal Street to See So Many Colorful Stores…Real Estate Trending Up!

1121 Kerlerec, A Creole Cottage Fixer Upper, Close to the French Quarter and Esplanade Avenue
January 18, 2019
Second Home Real Estate is Trending up in 2019, Many Neighborhoods in New Orleans
February 8, 2019

Enjoying Your Second Home

in New Orleans French Quarter

Take a Walk Down Royal Street

So Colorful and Seasonal

       You can walk down Royal Street and go window shopping and see so many colorful things. The windows and flags change with the holidays and seasons. Mardi Gras  flags were waving when I walked this weekend. Always great to see the stores and all the people visiting New Orleans to see the stores and balconies. Owning a second home in the area and adjacent neighborhoods there are so many great walks to see so many colorful things. Each month it does look a little different.

“New Orleans Real Estate Market Trending Up”

More Buyers Looking Now than in 2018

       The real estate market is now more positive than sales were in 2018. There are a lot more buyers in all the areas around the French Quarter. More people are looking for second homes and others looking for primary places to live. This is a positive trend that we did not see in 2018. More people started looking in December of 2018. There are not a lot more homes or condos on the market right now. The Warehouse District is also seeing more buyers. It is on the other side of Canal Street. The Marigny and Bywater are also seeing more buyers but very few condos are on the market right now in thee areas.