Second Home Real Estate is Trending up in 2019, Many Neighborhoods in New Orleans

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January 28, 2019
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February 18, 2019

New Orleans Second Home Market

All Neighborhoods in New Orleans 

Condos Trending up in 2019

All Neighborhoods in New Orleans


          We are seeing more people looking for second homes this year than the last two years.  The other change is that people will look in all areas of town rather than just in the French Quarter and the Warehouse District. The adjacent neighborhoods have become more desirable with many things to do and see. The Neighborhoods that people have in mind are Marigny, Bywater,Lower Garden District, Garden District and Uptown New Orleans. There are a number of condos and complexes in all these areas. The prices are cheaper. There is less amenties in most of the complexes from those in the Warehouse District. 

        Many of the buyers like to walk the neighborhoods and ride the streetcars to other areas of town. You have buyers from lots of places. Some are within the state of Louisiana and others are from much further away. It is always a good idea to let people know about the various choices and answer the questions about the neighborhoods.

        You have a lot of retired people looking. You have many that have lived here years ago and want to come back to New Orleans to be near relatives and firends. Many buy condos for their kids who are students and they will also use them as second homes.

          As an experienced agent I know all the neighborhoods and the variety of condos availiable. I set the future buyers up on a watchlist that sends them the new condos and condo sales on units that meet their criteria. I tell them to ask me any questions they have about any of the choices that show up. A week or so before the buyers come to town I will send them the best choices in the neighborhoods that they are looking for.

      Below you can see the Maps and Criteria that helps me find the best. There are not as many units for sale now as there has been in the last 5-6 years. But you never know which ones will come on the market until they are listed.


The Map is Now Divided by Zip Codes

I Can Map the Neighborhoods for Clients

New Orleans Second Homes

New Orleans Second Homes