Bywater Homes, The World of Colorful Homes and Doubles in New Orleans

Baker's Row Condos on Dauphine Street in New Orleans
Baker’s Row Condos in the Marigny, 2419-2421 Dauphine
September 20, 2017
Crescent View Lofts in Bywater
Crescent View Lofts, Bywater Condos at 3431 Chartres
September 22, 2017

Colorful Homes in Bywater Neighborhood

So Many Doubles Blooming Now

New Orleans, 70117

   The colorful homes did not even exist 50 years ago. Most were white with Green Shutters. This was the norm in those days. Starting in the mid 1990’s the artist started living in the area and started to brighten up the neighborhood by making the homes look like works of art. Having gone to high school in the area I remember it well to this day.

        Few of the homes have front yards but all have colorful doors, shutters, window frames, brackets, steps and porches that be painted to stand out in the neighborhood. Check out all the colors and the artist features that the Bywater homes have.

       More than 50% of the homes in the Bywater were once doubles. Some have been converted into single homes but a lot of double still remain. 



Bywater Real Estate, Some real colorful homes

Bywater Real Estate, Homes and Doubles are the norm

Bywater Real Estate. So many colorful homes in the Bywater of New Orleans

Colorful Bywater Real Estate in New Orleans

Bright and Colorful Bywater Homes in New Orleans

Bywater Real Estate,so many colorful doubles