Shopping and Walking Jackson Square, Always Unique and Colorful

Elizabeth’s in the Bywater at 601 Gallier, Must Eat Here!
October 8, 2017
Fats Domino Second Line Celebration, Bywater to Caffin Avenue
November 2, 2017

Shopping and Walking Jackson Square

French Quarter Shops and Sights

“The Brokers Open Each Tuesday”

Bywater, Marigny and French Quarter

Brokers Open Home on Esplanade Avenue

       Each Week the new listings that come on the market are shown to agents in an event called Brokers Open. This is a great way for agents to know what is on the market.  All the places have food and snacks. It is nice way to have agents look at your listings so it will get more exposure.

      Last week we went on tour and then took a walk around Jackson Square. Always a great walk for people with second homes in New Orleans when they visit. Jackson Square is an easy walk from the Warehouse District, Marigny, and Bywater. 

“Shops Around Jackson Square”

       Patti and I decided to walk by all the shops around the Square. They are so unique with lots of local items featured. You can also listen to local music. You can view the local artist that feature their work on the fences of Jackson Square. All the shops and vendors are unique. Great and easy walk to enjoy the day. Things change from week to week. Patti and I have fun walking after we have see the new listings in the area.

“Second Homers in New Orleans, Love the Walks”

      Patti and I have sold lots of condos to second homers so we know a lot about what they enjoy doing in New Orleans. We can educate them as we have been doing the second homers for the past 15 years. We have fun working with people finding them the places they want. We sell units when our clients want something larger or in another location. Experience Does Matter. The Team Concept Works….. 

Enjoy the history as you walk along the Square.


Have your picture taken in front of St Louis Cathedral.

Any time day or night you can hear the musician entertaining the crowds and tourists.  Take some time to listen to the music.  It is well worth it. 

Fantastic art work along the wrought iron fences.  Enjoy different styles of art that line the pedestrian walk ways.

Different stores line the side streets of the Square.

Boutiques are open on to the walkway for easy viewing.

You can also taste different types of food along the Square.  Tabasco and Pralines are very popular in this area.