Royal Street Walk, Lots of Historic Buildings

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July 3, 2018
French Quarter Condos
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July 10, 2018

Royal Street in French Quarter

Walk from Your French Quarter Condo

Great Historic Walk !

      Walking for Esplanade Avenue down Royal Street to the 800 block. These are photos of the walk. This area is a prime area for homes and condos along Royal Street. So many historic building and galleries along the way.  Never a lot of places for sale along this walk or on Chartres as many buyers stay and own places for a long time and do not leave.

     Having a second home in the French Quarter makes Royal Street one of the favorite walks. Lots of unique shops and places to eat and drink along the way. The corners are always prime galleries and historic buildings. There are a few homes near Esplanade Avenue.   

     This is the first half of the walk that I took to Canal Street. Will post the secod half of the walk later. So many historic building. Lots of shops also which I did not take a lot of this walk. Love the corners on French Quarter Streets in New Orleans.


Victorian Like Home that was sold for about 1.3 million last year. Really Nice. A Yard and Parking!

French Quarter CondosTownhomes converted into condos. Porches and Galleries are a Big Plus 

Cornstalk Hotel at 915 Royal Street

Window Shopping on Corner of Pirates Alley