Buying a New Orleans Condo as A Second Home! Best to use Condo Experts Like us….

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Buying a Condo as a Second Home

In Various New Orleans Neighborhoods

Using Agents with Experience Helps You

         Most buyers know about what they want to spend for a second home. They are not sure of what neighborhood that would be the best for them. They do not know how many choices they would have until they narrow their desires. We can help them with lots of neighborhoods and types of condos that they would like to have. As agents with experience we know what is availiable for them that meets their needs.

              Many Start off with only desires for one neighborhood as they do not know all the choices that they will have by looking into adjacent neighborhoods. We can show them the best choices that exist or that will come onto the market in the future. This is why we set people up on a watchlist to show them new listings, sales, and ones going under contract. Best top do this way before they are ready to purchase as it gets them knowledge of what sells and what they want.

               Many Buyer want historic condos. Many want large condo associations with amenties like pools, parking courtyards, gyms and great common areas.Many want areas where they can walk the neighborhoods for eats and drinks.

                As agents with many past sales and years of experience we know whch areas are trending up with positive sales. Neighborhoods do change and buyers change their chioices once we give them the large variety of choices. We go to brokers open houses each week to look at new listings and get a feel for what they are worth.

                  We list condos in almost all areas of town and know why the areas appeal to potential buyers. We see now that many buyers like to get two bedroom second homes. They are willing to look in many areas to see what they will like. As agents we can get them easily the best 4-5 places that meet their criteria. In this 2019 market we can get the top 3 choices of condos that meet their criteria. We can keep an eye out to new listings as well. 

                  Our current MLS lists the listings per zip codes but we can map the neighborhoods that people want. We can include extra areas if buyers are willing to spread out. A lot of buyers become suprised with areas they do not know about until we take them there. 

New Orleans Second Homes

Zip Codes, We Can Map Neighborhoods

You can get a daily watch List Based on Your Desires

Great to Ask Quaetions about Ones you Like…

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