Listing & Selling Your Condo, Windows and Views can be Shown to Help Selling!

Federal Fibre Mills Condos in New Orleans
Knowledge of the Condo Associations is Very Important, Experience Helps Agents Sell!
September 2, 2019
Halloween Skeletons at St. Charles and State St. Home, Lot of Skeleton Art Work? Go View!
October 14, 2019

Best to Show Views and Windows On Line MLS

Buyers Like Views, Large Windows and Natural Light

I love to Take These Photos

          It is positive for a listing agent to show the positives aspects of a condo for sale. I take my own photos and want to show the positives aspects of a condo for sale. This helps people see positives on line and then they come to look at your listing. It helps sell when you expose all the positives aspects of what buyers like.

448 Julia Street Condo

     I had this listing and wanted to show the windows of the unit and the views. This one has some great nighttime views. Always great to show the windows and where they are in the building. Thought I would take night photos to show people views of the city at night.

330 Julia Street Penthouse

Rotunda Condos

3201 St. Charles Avenue #115

Views of the Courtyard and Pool

Federal Fibre Mills, Warehouse Windows

Overlooks Park ,Lots of Natural Light

1205 St. Charles Condos, 5 windows

13th Floor has city long views

St. Charles Avenue Condos in New Olreans

City Views from high floors of 1205 Condos on St. Charels

Magazine Place Condos,760 Magazine

Corner Unit with 5 Windows,Street Views

Lots of Natural Light