Historic World War I Monument on Burgundy Street, Bywater

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February 25, 2017
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World War I Monument

Commerating Ninth Ward Residents

3800 Block of Burgundy Street 

World War I Monument on Burgundy St. in Bywater

      The Monument was erected in 1919 to honor the residents of the Ninth Ward that took park in World War I. There were 1231 men and one woman named on the monument. The monument was initially constructed in the middle of Macarty Park. 

      The Monument was moved to edge of Burgundy Street in 1951 so that the playground at Francis T. Nicholls High School could be enlarged. Kids needed a place to play during physical education class. This is where I went to high school so remembering seeing it everyday for 3 years but knew little about the Monument.

     I find few people know about the Monument that live in New Orleans so it is good to bring it to people attention. Hard to believe it has been there for almost a hundred years.

The Playground that was once Macarty Square.Fraancis T. Nicholls High School on St. Claude Avenue

The Front of the Origional Francis T. Nicholls High School