Bywater Homes in New Orleans, Lots of Artwork on the Historic Homes

Bywater Homes in New Orleans
Bywater Homes in New Orleans are in a very colorful Neighborhood, Much like an “NOLA Art Neighborhood”
December 28, 2018
St. Charles Avenue Condos in New Olreans
1205 St. Charles Avenue Corner Studio Condo on 13th Floor with Awesome City Views
January 13, 2019

Bywater Homes in NOLA

Homes of Artist

Colorful Historic Homes

       The Bywater is a neighborhood that has drastically changed over the last 30 years. So many colorful home, colorful walks anf fun things to do.  The vast majority of homes have been redone and updated in a histori neighborhood near the Mississippi River. They have to follow the historic rules and regulations of the neighborhood. 

       You have some great homes and residents that love to decorate their homes each season. You also have a lot of businesses also decorate and make their places so colorful. This house below is on 3405 Royal Street in New Orleans. I drive by this home each time I go to “The Joint” to eat pulled pork and ribs.

“3405 Royal Street is always Artistic”


zBywater Homes and Bywater Real Estate

Bywater Homes in New Orleans,Decorating

Historic Bywater Homes converted to business