Crescent Park on Mississippi River Near Bywater,Marigny and French Quarter

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May 31, 2019
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June 13, 2019

Real Estate Close to Crescent Park on the Mississippi

French Quarter, Marigny, Bywater Neighborhoods

100 Yards from French Quarter

Lots of Walks and Gardens in Crescent Park

Sights Change in Seasons

       Crescent Park is along the Mississippi River from the edge of the French Quarter to the Marigny and Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. It is some great gardens, walk ways and places to ride your bikes. The park looks different as the season changes and the plants bloom and grow to different colors. 

      The Park is a great place to visit if you live in these neighborhoods or have a second home in these neighborhoods. The Park has only been around for several years and it has a lot of updates each year. In the old days this was wharfs and warehouses along the Mississippi River. 

       There is always some great views of the river and you can see a variety of ships and boats going up and down the river. You can always see downtown New Orleans as you walk the paths in the park.

      This park has helped people enjoy second homes in the neighborhoods of the Marigny and Bywater. Great Park to ride a bike along a roadway and lots of nice walking paths. The Park now almost extends to the edge of the French Quarter to Poland Avenue, the last big street in the Bywater before the Industrial Canal. 

       Always amazed to see the number of new trees that have been planted nad how the older ones have grown in the last couple of years.


     This statue was just put up to thank the Hispanic Workers who helped so many people after Hurricane Katrina. We has a fried named Carlos who has helped up many times if things need to be done before putting a house or condo back on the market. Most likely put up in the Fall of 2018.