French Quarter Condos, Courtyards Views and Galleries, Add Value

Walking Down Barracks Street in French Quarter, The Tuesday Real Estate Tour….
November 10, 2017
Royal Street Historic Corners in French Quarter
November 25, 2017

French Quarter Condos

Views, Courtyards and Galleries

Value is Addded, More than Just Square Footage

      It is never all about just square footage when you value a French Quarter Condo. You compare the size of the unit but other factors are large additions of value. The Galleries and Views are a major factor in adding value. 

      Galleries are larger than balconies as they are supported to the ground and ofter have roofs over the outside space. This is a major factor in adding value. The views from the galleries are also a factor. What is across the street and on the street gives them a big plus.

       Courtyards are seldom seen from the street. Seeing them in the condo association gives the owner a place to enjoy the outside of the unit. Having a courtyard with plants and water features add to the enjoyment of your condo. Great Place to enjoy the weather and outdoors. Most will have Tables and Chairs in the Courtyards.

         Great place to snack and drink before and after taking a neighborhood walk. The condo association take care of the common areas. Water features always add to the beauty. Ponds, Fountains, Plants, Flowers and Water features are what people enjoy in the Courtyards…….

          Patti and I saw these features on the brokers tour last month. The Courtyards are secure and can rarely be seen from the French Quarter Streets…..